Comedians featured on Gabriel Iglesias’ Comedy Central show to perform in Santa Fe

SANTA FE— Four Comedians featured on Gabriel Iglesias’ Comedy Central show will help Santa Fe Fiesta, Inc. at a comedy event fundraiser at 7:30 PM, Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 20, 2013 via Ticket Santa Fe box office, 505 / 988 1234.

Gabriel Iglesias Presents: Stand-Up Revolution, will feature Dillon Garcia, Shaun Latham, Alfred Robles, and Edwin San Juan, said Gilbert Romero, President of Santa Fe, Inc. This is a new, fun event for all ages that Santa Fe Fiesta, Inc. wants to bring to the community, he said.

Funds raised from the event will help defray cost associated with the staging of the 301st Fiesta de Santa Fe. About 90 percent of fiesta events are free to the public, said Romero.

The Featured Comedians of Gabriel Iglesias presents are:

Dillion GarciaShawn Latham   Alfred Robles  Edwin San Juan

Dillon Garcia has been featured on Comedy Central and has opened for comedians Nick Swardson, Dave Chappelle and Gabriel Iglesias (his comedic idol).  Dillon’s material is supported by life lessons with a satirical and sarcastic twist. However most of his material is primarily based on throwing himself in the spotlight and poking fun at himself.

Shaun Latham has been described as witty and goofy with the ability to think fast on his feet – making him unpredictably funny. Latham is a comedian who’s not afraid to laugh at himself. He jokes about how his lazy eye can get him in and out of trouble.

After getting kicked out of the police academy, Alfred Robles rose to become one of the hottest young comedians in the country – and nobody is safe from Alfred’s good-humored teasing. He is known for his matter-of-fact manner which generates laughter from fans.

Edwin San Juan, has entertained our troops with the ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ USO campaign and has appeared on multiple Showtime Comedy Specials, such as ‘Edwin San Juan Presents, Pacific Rim Comedy’. An avid boxing fan, lover of Latino culture and of the word “pinche”, San Juan is as cool as he is funny.

The Fiesta de Santa Fe™ commemorates General de Vargas’ reentry into the City of Santa Fe on Sept. 14, 1692 following the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. In 1712, eight years after de Vargas’ death, a proclamation was signed by the Santa Fe City Council to establish an annual commemoration, which is considered the Country’s longest running community event in the continental United States.

Tickets to the show will cost $24, $34, and $44 and are available for sale Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the Lensic Box Office by phone 505-988-1234 or online, said President Romero.



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