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The Santa Fe Fiesta Council is a volunteer organization created by the Official Fiesta Proclamation of our city forefathers on September 16, 1712.


Today the Santa Fe Fiesta Council is comprised of 100 regular members and 20 representatives of civic organizations and businesses. This group of people has a common interest to promote, manage and perpetuate the annual Fiesta de Santa Fe for the benefit of the City of Santa Fe, its citizens and their descendants. The Fiesta Council enlists the cooperation of the local citizenry, the Catholic Church, the local business community and both the City and County of Santa Fe officials.

The year begins with committee assignments in January and the election of the Fiesta Royalty in April. Fiesta Council members sacrifice many hundreds of hours of their personal time and resources; and in some cases, their annual vacation, to the perpetuation of this annual event.

Virtually all the annual budget is self-generated through arts and crafts shows and food booths, along with dances, carnivals, and financial assistance from citizens and businesses, as well as from grants by the Santa Fe Fiesta Foundation and the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission.

Long-range Organizational Plan with Results to Date

The Fiesta Council’s long-range plans are governed by our by-laws filed with the Public Regulation Commission, Corporation Department. We will continue to be a non-profit organization with no dividends or pecuniary profits being declared to its members. The Fiesta Council maintains a 97% membership of its roster and has no plans to change its organization plan.

The Regular Membership of the Santa Fe Fiesta Council is limited to 100 in number and is open to any citizen of the United States who has attained the age of 21 at the time of application and who demonstrates an interest in the traditions, objectives and activities of the Santa Fe Fiesta. Our Organizational Representatives, appointees of the Archbishop and President of the Council, do not count for determining the numerical limitation of regular membership.

Any local civic/business organization may apply for organizational membership of one person on a yearly basis. They have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as the regular membership and are limited to twenty (20) total organizations.

The Native American community has been an integral part of the history and traditions of the City of Santa Fe, its historic development and its economic, social, and cultural base. As such, the President of the Santa Fe Fiesta Council is empowered to appoint a representative of the Native American community with all rights and privileges.

In recognition of their special contributions to the Santa Fe Fiesta, all past Presidents of the Fiesta Council shall have a special membership with all rights and privileges.

Any person who has faithfully served as a regular member in good standing, and has obtained the age of 60 with 15 years consecutive service, or 20 years consecutive service with no age limit.


_DEN9377-EditGilbert A. Romero

_DEN9412-EditVictor J. Vigil
Vice President

Deborah A Norris Sparks - President 2012Deborah A. Sparks
Immediate Past President

Stacy Starr – Garcia

_DEN9406-EditKrystle J. Lucero

_DEN9388-EditRudy “Froggy” Fernandez

_DEN9394-EditAlbert M. Trujillo

_DEN9371-EditDarlene M. Griego
Board Member

_DEN9404-EditDavid A. Ortiz
Board Member

_DEN9389-EditDaniel R. Rael
Board Member

Chris Ray Sandoval - Board Member 2012Ray “Chris” Sandoval
Board Member


The cry of “Viva la Fiesta” has been reverberating through the streets of Old Santa Fe every autumn for 301 years. The sound generates a curious blend of thanksgiving, revelry and pride in the hearts of Santa Feans who celebrate Fiesta annually to commemorate Don Diego De Vargas’ peaceful reoccupation of the City of Holy Faith in 1692.

The historic capital is one of the oldest in the United States. It was established by Don Juan de Oñate at San Gabriel in 1598 and moved over 30 miles south to the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where Santa Fe was founded in 1610. In 1680 the Indians revolted, burned the city and drove out the Spanish colonists, who fled to Guadalupe del Paso, now Juarez, Mexico. They rescued from the burning church the 29-inch wood carved Marian statue, La Conquistadora, originally brought to Santa Fe in 1625 by the missionary, Fray Alonso de Benavides.

Twelve years later, the King of Spain appointed Don Diego De Vargas to join the exiles in Guadalupe del Paso and organize a campaign for the resettlement of Santa Fe. He accomplished this difficult and remarkable mission without bloodshed on September 4, 1692. In December of the next year, the Indians resisted when De Vargas returned from a trip to recruit more colonists, so he set up an encampment outside the city near the present site of the Rosario Chapel. The anxious colonist placed La Conquistadora on a makeshift altar and implored her to intercede for the successful re-entry into the town. Before the end of December 1693, De Vargas led his triumphant forces back into the City of the Holy Faith where La Conquistadora was likely enshrined temporarily in the Palace chapel. Crediting the Madonna’s intercession with his victory, De Vargas is said to have vowed restoration of her throne in the parish church built by Fray Benavides in 1692 and destroyed by the Indians in 1680. The General De Vargas died on April 4, 1704 without achieving this goal.

Eight years after the death of De Vargas, Lt. Governor Paez Hurtado who had been one of this Captains and a close friend, influenced city officials to draft a proclamation for an annual celebration commemorating the peaceful 1692 resettlement. The 1712 proclamation establishing the first Fiesta de Santa Fe, was signed by Governor Marquez de La Peñuela. The document specified a mass, vespers, and a sermon, thus setting the religious tone still characterizing modern fiestas. La Conquistadora is among the most venerated Marian figures in the world. She was crowned in 1954 by Cardinal Francis Spellman and again in 1960 by an apostolic representative of Pope John XXIII. Her golden crown is studded with precious stones, including a three-carat diamond. Her extensive wardrobe includes an exquisite lace mantilla from Sevilla Spain and an elaborate costume fashioned from ancient French vestments found in the old Cathedral museum. They appear to be of the secular and American periods of Bishop Lamy’s clergy. And so it is that La Conquistadora, a conqueror of hearts, and De Vargas, a conquistador of the new world, join forces to inspire our unique and enduring celebration, la Fiesta de Santa Fe, a time of prayer, rejoicing and hospitality for all.

Fiesta Song

Fiesta Song

One of the most notable sounds of Santa Fe Fiesta is the Fiesta Song. Click the play button below to listen and download an mp3 file.

Mariachi Tenampa – Fiesta Song

Santa Fe Fiesta Song (Spanish)

Music by Billy Palau, Spanish Lyrics by Johnny Valdes, Jr.

Santa Fe, tus fiestas de Septiembre
Se celebran en la capital
Con Zozobra quemando las penas
Ya las fiestas van a comenzar
Tus mujeres llenas de alegria
Pregonando van su nuevo amor
A a luz de grandes luminarias
Van cantando con placer esta cancion
Si Señor, como no, vamonos al vacilon
A bailar y gozar de esta linda poblacion

Santa Fe Fiesta Song (English)

Music by Billy Palau, English Lyrics by Avalee Turner.

In old Santa Fe we have La Fiesta
‘Tis the time for singing, dance and play
On this day we do not take la siesta
While Zozobra burns the gloom away
Steel guitars are softly strumming music
Senorita, come along with me
Luminarias all are shining brightly
At the baile, fancy costumes you will see

Si Señor, como no, let’s go out and have some fun
And we’ll see Santa Fe in Conquistadores way

Recorded and Arranged by: Mariachi Tenampa
Recorded at: John Wagner Recording Studio, Inc.

Past DeVargas
2013 Jason Jaime Lucero
2012 Lee Anthony Garcia y Dominguez
2011 Andy Lee Lopez
2010 Manuel Garcia
2009 Ernesto Francisco Tafoya

2008 Anastacio Trujillo
2007 David Trujillo
2006 Jaime Dean
2005 Ernesto Santistevan
2004 Jose Marguez

2003 Ruben Aragon
2002 Jody Ortiz
2001 Paul Tapia
2000 Carmichael Dominguez
1999 Tommy Trujillo

1998 Kevin Miller
1997 Carlos Fiero
1996 Sevastian Gurule
1995 Jeremy Rodriguez
1994 Ronald S. Trujillo

1993 Robert Lujan
1992 Peter de Vargas
1991 Geraldo Gonzales
1990 Marcos Tapia
1989 Javier Gonzales

1988 James Rivera
1987 Fernando Rivera
1986 Jose Morfin
1985 Oliver Holmes
1984 Art Gurule

1983 Antonio Ortega
1982 David Pike Romero
1981 Joe Ruiz
1980 David Rodriguez
1979 Christopher Martinez

1978 Orlando Gallegos
1977 Santiago Romero
1976 Joe Roybal
1975 Alex Castellano
1974 Antonio “Tony Lopez”

1973 Tino Chavez
1972 Gilbert Mares
1971 Carlos Gallegos
1970 Gilbert Martinez
1969 David Segura

1968 Rudy “Froggy” Fernandez
1967 Phillip Trujillo
1966 Arturo Jaramillo
1965 Isidro Gonzales
1964 Larry Moya

1963 E.J. Martinez Jr.
1962 Jose Gonzales
1961 George Gonzales
1960Fernando Delgado
1959 Fred Garcia

1958 Edmundo Delgado
1957 A.B. Martinez Jr.
1956 Alex Padilla
1955 Edward Moya Jr.
1954 Benny Chavez

1953 Frank Gomez
1952 Benny Padilla
1951 Sen.Joseph M. Montoya
1950 Pete Gabaldon
1949 Bennie Salazar

1948 Meliton Sandoval
1944 Robert Valdez
1943 John G. Valdez Jr.
1941 J. Alfonson Armijo
1938-39 Herman Baca

1933 Marcelino Apodaca
1929 Co. Jose D. Sena
1921 Capt. Emory Moore
Past Queens
2013 Kristy Ojinaga y Borrego
2012 Jenae Monique Cisneros y Roybal
2011 Samantha Tapia y Olguin
2010 Danielle Chavez
2009 Victoria Felicea Mora & Sanchez

2008 Angelica Marie Armijo
2007 Theresa Rodriguez
2006 Jessica Ann Librada Lucero & Lucero de Godoy
2005 Jennifer Richardson y Garcia
2004 Vanessa Melanie CdeBaca

2003 Michelle Padilla
2002 Monica E. Gallegos y Trujillo-Padilla
2001 Vanessa M. Gallegos-Bibiano
2000 Vanessa L. Mascarenas
1999 Elizabeth R. Lovato

1998 Donna M. Barela-Gurule
1997 Elena M. Chavez-Tercero
1996 Reyna Garcia
1995 Marlene Acosta
1994 Carolee J. Friday-Santistevan

1993 Amanda Sue Quintana-Bowles
1992 Contessa Aragon-Serna
1991 Donna Marie Garcia-Lesher
1990 Jennifer Juliet Manzanares-Herrera
1989 Elizabeth Davidson-Arellano

1988 Loretta Madrid-Rael
1987 Maria A. Baca-Markham
1986 Bernadette M. Ortega
1985 Valerie Mderano-Garcia
1984 Anna Marie Ortiz-Gonzales

1983 Karmella Borrego-Gonzales
1982 Anna Elena Tapia
1981 Donita Sena
1980 Elizabeth Angela Roybal
1979 Charlene A. Lopez-Clayton

1978 Linda Marie Romero-Esquibel
1977 Deborah K. Romero-Borrego
1976 Maria Diana Sanchez-Gonzales
1975 Diana Maria Alvarez
1974 Carla Yolanda Aragon

1973 Karmella M. Pacheco-Miera
1972 Linda Marie Borrego
1971 Elizabeth C. Rivera-Gonzales
1970 Matilde M. Herrera-Perez
1969 Juanita Theresa Gonzales-Ortega

1968 Lorencita Elizabeth Abeyta
1967 Maria Cordelia Martinez
1966 Rosa Marie Romero-Sanchez
1965 Maria Isabel Martinez-Sandoval
1964 Yolanda Maria Pacheco-Hodgson

1963 Maria MOntoya-Rigg
1962 Antonio Loyola Lucero-Pacheco
1961 Maria Irene Lucille Lopez
1960 Sylvia Carillo
1959 Sylvia Roybal de Onis

1958 Mary Ester Garcia-Bertram
1957 Maria Ida Sanchez-Fernandez
1956 Angelina Eloisa Ortiz-Delgado
1955 Roberta “Bobbi” Quintana-Gallegos
1954 Angelina Oyaca-Koontz

1953 Christella Romero-Noedel
1952 Maria Rosina Casados-Schutz
1951 Jean Gutierrez-Rodriguez
1950 Maria Pino-Ortiz
1949 Anita Romero-Jones

1948 Elizabeth “Betty” Serna-Cardenas
1947 Pauline Padilla-Martinez
1946 Lucy Romero-Chavez
1945 Maria Socorro Lopez-Garcia
1944 Consuelo “Peaches” Alarid-Collins

1943 Pita Tapia-Gonzales
1942 Natividad Quintana-Chidester
1941 Clarita “Clara” Garcia
1940 “Cuca” Romero-Gonzales
1939 Mary CdeBaca-Ulibarri

1938 Reynalda Ortiz y Pino-Dinkel
1936-37 Orlinda P. Rodriguez de Castner
1934 Lecha Delgado
1933 Maria Isabel Sena
1927 Amalia Sena-Sanchez


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In loving memory of:

Fred Garcia – Larry Moya – Josephine Bradshaw – Fay Lucero
John Alderette – Tony Armijo – Tony Blea – Marcella Rivera
Rosemarie Alderette – Marie Sandoval – Sorada Montoya – Carmen Oyaca
Frank Johnson – Clarita Maestas – Armando Benavidez
Pita Montoya – Bennie Herrera – Rita Campos Melady